Lawmaker blasts conditions on the Cartago-San José railway line

The San José-Cartago train service is becoming controversial. The cars are overcrowded, and when there are delays there is no air conditioning, said a lawmaker Monday.

Paulina Ramírez Portuguez of the Partido Liberación Nacional said that the trains are not running on time and that she has been getting complaints from her constituents in Cartago. She called for immediate corrections.

The Minsterio de Obras Públicas admitted to a persistent bump Monday and said that workers will try to resolve the problem by replacing a rail where the train track crosses the Circunvalación in San Pedro. That will be Saturday from 6 a.m. to noon.

The lawmaker noted that Guillermo Santana, head of the rail agency, appeared before lawmakers recently. She said that he did not have any short-term solutions.

“Today the train service between Cartago and San José is deficient and does not meet any standard of quality,” said the lawmakers. She said passengers will begin to avoid the line.
She also cited mechanical problems that sometimes require passengers to leave the train.

Passengers have complained about having to stand up for the trip because there was not enough rail cars.

The rail line was extended to Cartago during the presidency of Laura Chinchilla, also of Liberación Nacional.

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