March and unhappy drivers likely to tie up country

The education ministry promises to hold classes as normal today, and the nation’s public health service says that those with appointments will be attended.

Those statements seem to be in disagreement with the thousands of public employees, including school teachers and health workers who are going to hit the streets today in a protest march.

Union leaders are urging parents to keep school children at home.

In addition, former porteadores, unlicensed taxi drivers, have their own grudges, and they have said they will institute blockades at key points. The last time they did this a woman died when she swung her car into the path of a truck as she tried to avoid a blockade. Hundreds of tourists had to hike their own way to the airport, luggage and all, when the General Cañas autopista was blocked. Many missed their planes.

Today is likely to be a replay of that situation.

The 50 unions involved in the protest march are part of the Bloque Unitario Sindical y Social Costarricense. They are unhappy with a 0.08 percent raise proposed by the government.

The march is east on Avenida Segunda and then north to the legislative complex.

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