Miss Costa Rica will not be Miss Universe

A 23-year-old woman from Guápiles is the new Miss Costa Rica.

She has a long history of participation and winning various beauty titles.

She will be unable to participate in the Miss Universe pageant because organizers of the contest here have decided not to participate because Donald Trump made uncomplimentary statements about Mexicans. Trump runs the company that produces the pageant.

The Miss Costa Rica pageant is a production of  Televisora de Costa Rica, which has held the franchise for 40 years. The television company also said it would not air the Miss Universe pageant here because of Trump’s comments, which the company said were against brother Mexicans and all Latin Americans.

Trump called illegal Mexican immigrants to the United States rapists and murderers after Francisco Sanchez, 45, a man with an extensive criminal history who had been deported five times to México killed a woman named  Kate Steinle in San Francisco. The murder appears to be random.

The television company said it would review its decision if Trump apologizes or retracts his statement or leaves the Miss Universe pageant. None of that is likely to happen while Trump seeks the Republican presidential nomination.

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