Moderate seas are predicted for the weekend

The seas on the Pacific coast are predicted to be less this weekend than they have been this week when some coastal areas were flooded.

But the seas are supposed to become stronger as next week begins. The Cen­tro de Investi­ga­ción en Cien­cias del Mar y Lim­no­lo­gía at the Universidad de Costa Rica keeps track of the seas, and there is no alert for the weekend.

That also is true for the Caribbean.

But there may be more rain. The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that the winds that have been raking the country are expected to increase in velocity in the north Pacific, the Central Valley and in the mountains.

That will draw in more moisture from the oceans, creating clouds and the possibility of rain.

There was rain Thursday evening in parts of the Caribbean coast and in some areas along the Pacific, said the weather institute.

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