No date yet for new trial in Jairo Mora case

Costa Rican court officials have not yet determined a date for a retrial in the murder case of conservationist Jairo Mora Sandoval.

Prosecutors said Wednesday that they would seek a new trial after an appeals court threw out a trial court verdict that absolved seven suspects.

Many in Costa Rica were unhappy with the trial court decision, although prosecutors handling the case appeared to have made errors.

Unlike other countries, trial verdicts are not final, and either the prosecution or the defendants can appeal.

Prosecutors were unhappy, too, because the three-judge panel rejected a video testimony from one of the women who was with Mora when he was abducted May 31, 2013 near Playa Moín. He was there with four female volunteers to protect turtle nests from egg poachers.

The case created an international scandal.

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