Pair captured at Naranjo supermarket where safe was cracked

Fuerza Pública officers detained two suspects at a supermarket in Naranjo where the floor safe had been burned open.

Safe cracking is a dying art with the increased use of electronic transfers and credit cards.

But a gang of crooks have been targeting supermarkets where there are large amounts of cash.

Investigators will be trying to determine if the burglary at the  CooPro supermarket in the Alajuela community is the latest in a series by the same gang or a copycat crime.

The gang typically enters a supermarket via a hole in the roof and then uses an acetylene torch to open the safe.

That is what happened Sunday night.

Police have been keeping a close eye on such locations due to the string of burglaries. A week ago burglars left a supermarket without managing to open the safe because police arrived.

Investigators also may have been tracking the gang, although the number is believed to be at least four.

The Fuerza Pública identified one of the suspects by the last name of Lacayo and said that the second man had no papers and said he did not remember his own name.

Police acknowledged that the pair would be asked about other jobs.safe081815

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