Raid and detention called disproportionate

The Sala IV constitutional court said that a raid and detention involving a 15,000-colon  stolen bracelet was disproportionate. The target of the raid was a public defender in Nicoya.

The court said that the Judicial Investigating Organization was handling a case that involved the bracelet. The raid failed to turn up the bracelet. However, the suspect was detained anyway, it said.

The court said that just because someone files a criminal complaint against another party does not mean the suspect should be detained. And in the case at hand, the court noted that the suspect, the public defender, was someone with a job and a stable lifestyle who was not likely to flee.

The individual, who was not named in the court ruling that was made public, went free a few hours later, the decision noted.

Nevertheless, the court said, the decision should not affect the investigation which is continuing.

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