Relief ordered for those in minor mishaps

The president and the transport minister Tuesday signed a decree that would allow motorists to settle minor vehicle accidents among themselves.

The decree also requires insurance companies to provide their policyholders with a document for use in such situations.

Under current law, regardless of the degree of damage, the drivers are supposed to keep the vehicles motionless until a traffic officer arrives.

That frequently creates traffic jams and ties up officers with minor accidents, said Casa Presidencial.

The decree was signed by President Luis Guillermo Solís and Carlos Segnini Villalobos, minister of  Obras Públicas y Transportes.

The individual efforts at conciliation are an option. Any motorist will still be able to summons police regardless of the degree of damage. The option is not available in cases where there is personal injury.

Insurance companies are supposed to distribute the form, called Declaración de Accidente Menor, within four months after the decree is published in the official newspaper.

The idea has been presented several times, and there even is a bill in the legislature that would set the same rule.

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