Seaweed causes concern among tourists

North American tourists are expressing their seaweed concerns on social networks, and they are getting a variety of responses.

The chatter comes from an unusually heavy crop of sargassum that is turning up on beaches in the northern Caribbean and the eastern coast of México. The dead seaweed is smelly.

Tourism officials on the many Caribbean islands have been expressing their concern and finding money to keep the beaches clear. They are expected to launch publicity campaigns to retain their expected share of tourists.

In some places the wind has created seaweed mats three meters high, said reports from the islands.

The discussions on some travel Web sites reflect the anxiety of potential tourists. They are worried about spending money to travel to a smelly beach. They also advance theories.

One said that the extensive seaweed crop is due to global warming and higher sea temperatures. In fact, the Atlantic is cooler this year than normal.

Seaside farmers in some parts of Europe harvest seaweed to compost it into nutrients for their crops.

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