Solar panels readied for distant users

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad says it has acquired 850 solar panels that will be provided to native populations in the rural sections Turrialba and Caribbean coast.

The purchase came from a loan provided by the Interamerican Development Bank, and the value of the purchase is $750,000.

The development bank also has agreed to bankroll the state agency for 500 more panels.

The company said that 265 panels will be installed this year, the same number next year and the remainder in 2017.

The panels are installed is areas far from the electrical lines. Some native settlements are several days hike from power.

So far the company has installed nearly 4,000 systems, it said.

The company’s rural electrification program began in 1998 to provide basic power to residents but also to schools. Technically the panels will remain property of the state company, but eventually officials there hope to hook the entire country to the grid.comunicado_lista

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