Solís names new leader for his new taxes campaign

José Francisco PachecoThe president has changed the lead figure in that campaign to get more taxes.

Casa Presidencial said Friday that a vice minister,  José Francisco Pacheco, has been asked to serve as acting finance minister by President Luis Guillermos Solís.

The appointment is supposed to be for a month. Casa Presidencial said that Vice President Helio Fallas, who also holds the post of finance minister, suffered an injury and will require an operation.

The injury was said to be to his left achilles tendon. This is the muscle that runs from the calf of the leg to the base of the heel.

Pacheco will be making the administration’s case to lawmakers. The government’s goal is to pass a value-added tax and higher income tax rates.

Pacheco has had recent experience in appearing before legislative committees. In fact, he was there last week giving an explanation of a bill.

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