Strong wave system is headed north to Pacific beaches, expert says

Oceanographer Omar G. Lizano Rodríguez says that a strong and energetic system of waves is headed northeast and should arrive at Costa Rica’s Pacific beaches today.

He said that the direction, from the southwest, means that the system will continue up the Gulf of Nicoya and crash into the beaches at Playa Caldera and Puntarenas.

The waves are in the three-meter range, the oceanographer said.

Further north the conditions will be augmented by high winds that will make the seas even more choppy, he said. Lizano said the major danger is to small boats at the mouths of rivers and along beaches.

The waves are being generated by storms far to the south, he said, adding that the heavy seas should moderate by Friday.

Conditions are supposed to be more dangerous for small boats under seven meters in the vicinity of the Isla del Coco in the distant Pacific.

Lizano is at the Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología of the Universidad de Costa Rica.

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