These things are berry, berry confusing

Could there be any berries more different than surinam cherries and black raspberries? Smooth and shiny from a tree against bubbly and Victoria Torleyprickly from a shrub? Somehow, though, they are both mora. Then there is the lovely edible wild red berry we found the other day. It is formed around a plinth like a blackberry and also called mora because red raspberries are mora.

Then we have the mulberry, the gooseberry, and a lot of other
berries all know by the local name, mora. It’s confusing.

But it goes further than just the local name, mora, and what you actually have in your hand. It comes down to a classic logic premise: “All berries are fruits but not all fruits are berries.”

What is more confusing is that berries aren’t berries. Sigh. No matter what you call them, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries aren’t berries because their seeds are on the outside of the fruit.  But blueberries are berries and so are surinam cherries, tomatoes, papayas, and bananas because the seeds are on the inside. Even the eggplant is classed as a berry (try wrapping your head around that one). To go back to our logic statement: “All berries have interior seeds. Strawberries have seeds on the exterior. Therefore, strawberries are not berries.” Oh the things we thought we knew that were all wrong.

So what is a berry? A berry is a fruit that usually has an edible exterior (Usually seems to be how the banana snuck in there). Plants that produce berries have flowers with a single ovary. Plants that produce what we thought were berries (the blackberry and strawberry, for example) have flowers with many ovaries.

So we have gone from why everything seems to be a mora to the sex life of fruit. A long journey in a short space.

But I am stubborn, I am. I absolutely refuse to call something a strawfruit or a red raspfruit, just because that’s what science says they are. I guess, in the end, my only questions are going to be: Can I eat it and is it tasty. And I am willing to bet you feel the same way.

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