Those weeds will still be there tomorrow

There is nothing better during the rainy season than a day of perfect sunshine: A few fleecy clouds drifting overhead but not enough to spoil the blue sky. Heavenly. The perfect day to just laze around, maybe soak Victoria Torleyup some rays by the pool or on the beach, moving from sun to dappled shade as need be. Perhaps a cold beer or glass of wine at hand while we read a new novel.

Nah! We are gardeners! We would love to be doing all that, but we remember that the rain has brought us weeds! Even now they are
encroaching on the flower beds and squirming their way into the
vegetable garden, choking out the new lettuce and the tomatoes. No curling up with a book for us, no m’am. We are out there in the heat, sweatband in place, hat secured against the wind and cussing under our breath as we pull the little monsters out of the ground, give them a shake and toss them in the weed bucket. Wow, are we nutty or what?

Fellow gardeners, it’s okay to sometimes take a break. Trust me, the weeds will be there tomorrow and not much bigger than they are today (after all, they aren’t kudzu). I promise that the jungle will not overtake you if you take a day off. Yes, tomorrow it may rain and the weeds will still be there, but the drizzle will only mean that you need to wear some rain gear while you are weeding. And it will be cooler in the rain.

You can leave the sweatband inside. In fact, who needs rain gear? All you really need is something to keep the rain off your face, and you are good to go.

There are many rainy days when you can see me out there, hat in place, trowel in gloved hand, attacking the weeds, vines, and undergrowth just about everywhere, until my husband, Metric Man, yells from the deck, “It’s time to come in. I can’t even see you through all this rain.”

Yes, he is right. The drizzle has turned into a deluge, and I really should go in. As usual, I gave a few final snips on vines and tugged out a few more weeds, then trudged up the garden steps, sodden, muddy, and very pleased with myself.

After all, I took yesterday off and lazed in the sun.

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