Two women reported missing on Caribbean coast

Two women are missing on the Caribbean coast, and the vehicle they were believed to be using was found abandoned and empty except for a shoe, a handbag and a sportsbag nearby.

The women are both Nicaraguans, but one has been living in Italy. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that she entered the country Sunday. The woman from Italy rented the car.

The two were seen last at a bar Tuesday night in Limón, said agents.

The resident of Italy has the last name of Martínez and is 35, said agents. Her friend has the last name of  Galán, according to a family member of Ms. Martínez.  It was a family member who reported the disappearances, said agents.

The rented car turned up in the Pandora section of Valle de la Estrella further south along the coast.

A rental car worker picked up the vehicle, but the agents said that they found no clues inside when they inspected it. At the scene of the discovery they said they found the shoe, the empty handbag and an empty sport bag of the type that is hung around the waist.

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