Weed! Marijuana turns up all over

There were several marijuana raids Thursday, but one stands out.

That lawyer in Alajuela was accused of again growing the weed on his roof in sight of the court in that community. This is the fifth time.

The man who has the last name of Cerdas had 85 plants growing in a hydroponic setup on a glassed-in area on the roof, said Fuerza Pública officers.

The lawyer was not the only person arrested.

At an apartment in San Francisco de Dos Ríos Fuerza Pública found a small cultivation setup when they answered a domestic violence call. The woman there who filed the complaint allowed police to enter, they said.

Officers found 11 plants and branches with seeds. The presumed cultivator of the marijuana, identified by the last name of Solano, was detained when he returned to the living quarters, said police.

The Policía de Control de Drogas detained a 16 year old and an adult woman, 21, in a raid Thursday in Desamparados. Agents said they found one six-inch plant growing but a considerable amount of marijuana packaged for transport.

Agents said the pair were involved in the sale of marijuana to minors in the area. marijuana080715

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