Where are police the rest of the time?

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Help me understand.

Like many expats here I have been driving in Costa Rica for over a decade.
We have adjusted to the chaotic driving conditions. Speeding, reckless driving and very little regard for others by some drivers makes driving here very stressful.

We have all had motorcycles practically go over and under our cars, and all this with very little traffic enforcement. Now here comes Uber, and suddenly the traffic police know immediately, exactly where they are to impound or ticket them.

You can agree or disagree with Uber, but the damaging of private property and thug treatment to the drivers is not Pura Vida. Next time you’re sitting in traffic on your cellphone with a circus around you to sell you things and distract you, ask yourself what’s more dangerous this or Uber.

David Dufford
San José
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