Affirmative action plan proposed

A lawmaker is proposing quotas for state universities that would benefit public secondary students, and various minority groups.

The lawmaker is Epsy Campbell Barr of the Partido Acción Ciudadana. The party issued a press release Tuesday in which it outlined the lawmaker’s plan.  The goal is to reduce the gap between persons who are graduated from  public high schools and those who attend private schools, said the release. Private school students generally rank higher on university entrance examinations.

In addition, the lawmaker wants quotas for Afro-Costa Ricans and native youngsters based on the percentage of these populations in the total Costa Rican population, said the release.

The release said that the plan would benefit 7,000 students in the country.

In addition, the lawmaker wants to reserve 50 percent of these slots for students from rural areas or from low-income urban zones. She characterized the proposal as affirmative action.

The press release said that the lawmaker had been with student representatives from the various public universities and that they favored the proposal, which will be converted into a bill for submission to the legislature.

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