Agreement reached on shrimp law

The central government has reached an agreement with shrimp fishermen to propose a law that will put them back in business.

The Sala IV determined in a decision that shrimp trawlers do major damage to reefs. But last March the central government set up a system to create a bill that would meet with the court’s approval.

A committee of shrimp fishermen, other types of fishermen, academics and the Instituto de Pesca y Acuicultura met to draw up an acceptable bill. The details were not released, but the bill is said to have 29 articles to insure the sustainable harvest of shrimp.

The central government was concerned when the Instituto de Pesca followed the court’s instructions and began to decline to renew shrimping permits. The primary concern was for employment.

Although deep water shrimping was not covered by the court decision, most local fishermen prefer to catch shrimp in the Gulf of Nicoya.

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