Another rabies outbreak leaves cow dead

A cow has died from bovine rabies in San Mateo, according to the Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal. This brings the virus infection much closer to the populated central part of the country. The last case was north near the Nicaraguan border and one in January was at Limoncito de Coto Brus. In all, there have been five outbreaks this year, said the animal health agency.

The animal health agency said that there are 108 animals on the ranch where the cow died.

The vector is almost certainly a bat, and the agency has begun reducing the population in the area of the ranch.

These tiny creatures make incisions in cows, dogs and sometimes humans to lap up the blood that is produced. In that way the virus is spread.

There are vaccines for rabies, both for cows, dogs and humans, but some ranchers do not provide that treatment to their cows.

Animal health workers will be checking the other cows in the herd to see if any are infected.

Rabies produces paralysis and eventually leads to death. The Ministerio de Salud is involved and providing vaccinations for humans associated with the animals.anotherbat090115

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