Arrival of torch set for 11 a.m. Sunday

The Antorcha de la Libertad Centroamericana is expected to arrive in Costa Rica at the Peñas Blancas border crossing Sunday about 11 a.m.

The arrival of the torch signals the start of a relay of some 2,000 students to carry the symbol to Cartago in time for a meeting of the president’s cabinet Monday night in Cartago. There will be ceremonies all along the 386-kilometer route.

The torch has been carried from Guatemala City along the route that news of a declaration of independence from Spain traveled 194 year ago.

The Ministerio de Educación Pública said Thursday that Bianca Traña Prado, a 25-year-old student at the Colegio Nocturno La Cruz, would be the student to receive the torch. The woman left school at age 12 and now has a 9-year-old son. She was picked because she has a perfect average in school grades and is president of the student government, said the ministry.

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