Caja union endorses call for personnel shakeup at Hospital México

The union that represents public health workers has endorsed a legislative call for the removal of seven officials at Hospital México.

The report that urged firing the top officials came from a special commission that was set up to investigate the hospital and, by extension, the entire Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.

The controversy grew out of revelations by cardiologist Sofía Bogantes Ledezma, who said the waiting list was so long patients were dying.

The union is the Unión Nacional de Empleados de la Caja y la Seguridad Social. It said that for years it has been making complaints about the grave problems of infrastructure, personnel, equipment, negligence and inattention to duties.

Among the seven the legislative commission said should be let go are Douglas Montero, the hospital director, and the chief of medicine and the person in charge of the waiting list.

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