Cartago university to inaugurate its biotech research center today

The public university in Cartago is about to inaugurate today a new biotechnology center at its main campus.

The center will conduct research in plant biology, environmental biology and applied biomedical techniques, according to the university, Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

The new facility is part of the Centro de Investigación en Biotecnología, which was founded in 1994. There are 14  specialized labs, a radiation lab, coolers, a place to grow algae and an area to grow plants.

The school is a leader in science and technology.

School officials say that the operations of the new facility will dovetail with other programs. The plant biology section will deal in propagation of species of interest in agriculture, ornamental plantings and medicine as well as genetics.

Biotechnology was described by the school as the study of renewable energies with the use of vegetable species, plant diseases and control with biological agents such as bacteria, fungus and insects.

In biomedical research the scientists will cultivate human skin for treatment of burn victims, among other efforts.

Current projects seek to find substances that will kill cancer cells.

The center now has 34 researchers with 90 student assistants who are working on 36 projects.

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