Child welfare agency promotes the power of love

The nation’s child protection agency has embarked on a campaign to tell parents to show affection to their children.

The agency, the Patronato Nacional de la Infancia, said that this will increase self esteem and create better relationships when the children are adults.

The program, El poder del amor, said that demonstrations of affection make children more secure, intelligent and loving.

The agency said that parents should pay attention, smile frequently, share and play with youngsters, praise their achievements, engage in discussion, inspire creativity, motivate children to make decisions, teach them to help others and treat them with respect.

The summary in the name of  Ana Teresa León Sáenz, the executive president of the agency, reads like a pop psychology book. In fact, Ms. León has a doctorate, has been an educator and has written a three-volume series on the development of children from 0 to 6.

The two-month media advertising blitz is part of the agency’s preventative efforts, the summary said. Other campaigns are planned for October, November and December, the agency said.

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