Coffee expo begins Friday in Antigua Aduana

The Feria BN Expo Nuestro Café begins its three-day run Friday, and even those who are not big coffee drinkers might find interesting aspects. The expo is free to visitors.

The event is in the Antigua Aduana on Calle 23 in east San José through Sunday. In addition to coffee, firms will be there that make food products from the bean and also those who have developed new ways of fixing the brew.

Sponsors Banco Nacional and the Instituto del Café de Costa Rica have made special pitches to small and medium businesses to encourage them to display their wares.  The organizers estimate that there will be 100 stands staffed for the event. Five of the stands were raffled off to small businesses that could not handle the $2,000 fee.

The coffee institute said that it will be offering demonstrations of new methods to make coffee, including French press, cold drip and Oriental siphon, among others.

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