Corporate tax bill pushed by minister

The security minister made a pitch to lawmakers Monday to reinstate the tax on corporations. His ministry needs the money, he said.

This is the tax that was declared unconstitutional because the measure that finally passed was not the one that was advertised.

Even though the tax is unconstitutional, the Sala IV inexplicably ruled that holders of the various forms of corporate ownership should still pay it this year.

The central government moved to resubmit the bill for passage, and it is being considered by the Comisión Permanente Especial de Seguridad y Narcotráfico la Política Nacional de Seguridad.

That was where the minister, Gustavo Mata, testified Monday.

The money would go in part to create a series of commissions and subcommissions to develop strategic plans.

The minister also pushed for approval of a law to confiscate property that might be products of criminal enterprises. That bill is being studied by the committee, too.

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