Downtown pedestrian span failed to complete its function, hospital says

The experiences of the staff at San Juan de Dios with a pedestrian bridge is an indictment of the attitude of downtown dwellers.

The Municipalidad de San José is getting rid of the bridge because, as the hospital administration says:

Despite the efforts of the Municipalidad de San José to keep the area clean, including the sidewalks and the upper part of the bridge, there is excrement, garbage, among other things, in addition some persons use the bridge to rob, take drugs and even have sexual relations for which the bridge fails to complete its main function of safeguarding pedestrians.

Municipal workers already have removed the stairs to the bridge, and soon will remove the deck that spans Paseo Colón.

The location is immediately north and on the opposite side of Paseo Colón from the entrance to the emergency room of the hospital. It is an area with plenty of activity 24 hours a day.

Because of the poor condition of the bridge, pedestrians have not been using it for several years, said hospital officials.

Now pedestrians will continue to cross the street with the lights in a crosswalk.

There also have been similar troubles at other bridges, including the one at Hospital México in La Uruca.

The transport ministry is constructing 10 new bridges at other points in the country.

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