Early morning death of U.S. citizen could have been work of an addict

detained091815Much has been made of the murders that officials say are connected with wars among drug gangs. The bloodshed is such that the country probably will see a record number of murders this year.

Less has been said about what could be considered collateral damage. There has been a steady series of shootings of youngsters and others who appeared to be innocent third parties. The hard part is to link the fatal bullets to drug disputes.

The most recent victim of the drug culture may be Andrew Brooks, a dual national Costa Rican-U.S. citizen. His murder was overshadowed by the discovery of two assassinated men in a vehicle early Tuesday morning in Dos Cercas de Desamparados.

Brooks also died early Tuesday when he was on his way home from work. More information has emerged because the 32-year-old man was a friend of a member of the A.M. Costa Rica staff.

His death might well be attributed to drugs because he was confronted when he arrived home from his job at a call center by a vagrant who roams his neighborhood in the Monagua section of Moravia.

There appears to have been a dispute on the street, and when Brooks pulled his vehicle into his car port, the vagrant followed him and delivered three knife wounds.

Investigators still are seeking the assailant, but there is a high probability that the killer was seeking money for drugs at 3 a.m. when he confronted Brooks and killed him when money was not forthcoming.

His friend said that Brooks was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a U.S. father and Costa Rican mother.  He went to school here and later split his time between Costa Rica and California where he worked for a skateboard company. He was an accomplished skateboarder, the friend said.

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