Elderly Gringos called prime targets

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I was disappointed to read the latest story in A.M. Costa Rica today about the latest gun control legislation being proposed and the statement that it is not a right for persons to be able to defend themselves with a firearm, but a concession of the State.

As usual, the anti-gun people don’t seem to understand that the problem with firearms is not the honest law abiding people, who would respect the laws, but with the criminals who don’t respect any laws and are definitely armed, putting the rest of the citizens at their mercy.

How many home invasions would be stopped or prevented if the criminals knew that the odds were good that the occupant of the home was armed and would defend themselves, or the street robbers who act with impunity had to fear bystanders or their intended victim could actually defend themselves?

Guess the politicians and wealthy with bodyguards don’t have to worry as much about this issue, but for an elderly Gringo, and believe me, we know we are prime targets for the young criminals. This does not make Costa Rica an attractive place to come, to invest, retire or vacation.

Once again, this government seems set on discouraging Gringos from coming or living here, as they clearly are unable to control the crime or protect us, but they sure want our money.  Wonder what will happen when all the Gringos and their money leave having had it with a country that clearly does not want us here.
Jim Day
Playas del Coco

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