Elderly man found in barrel after search

An 85-year-old Cuban-American was the object of a four-day search on his property in Coloradito de Corredores after a friend reported him missing Wednesday.

Saturday afternoon agents undertook an extensive search of his home and property. They found his body in a barrel in an area behind his home, they reported. The man was identified by the last name of  Machado, and the Judicial Investigating Organization said he had lived in the area in southern Costa Rica for several years. Agents initially were unable to determine how the man died. The body has been remanded to the judicial morgue. However, they do have a suspect.

Friends told agents that the man rented part of his property to flower producers but that he had continual disputes with them. One of those who worked the land has since left for his home country of Nicaragua, and agents would like to talk with him, they said.

In another case, judicial agents said that the body of a 34-year-old man with the last name of  Oviedo was found in a street in Rincón Herrera, Guácima de Alajuela Sunday.  Agents said that neighbors heard cries for help about 2 a.m. Sunday, and when they investigated they found the man’s body near his vehicle on his own property. The man had defensive wounds on his arms, a stab wound to the chest and a head injury believed administered by a large rock found near the body, said agents.corredores090715

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