Expat reports aggression and an attack by protesters in Liberia

A prominent Pacific coast expat said that he and three companions were the victims of a mob of protesters near the Daniel Oduber airport in Liberia.

The expat, Dan Bizier, is circulating his story on social networks and in emails to friends. Reporters were unable to contact Bizier, but the information was relayed by a trusted third party.

The expat reports that while traveling to Liberia Tuesday afternoon he and his companions came upon a crowd of some 50 persons. They are believed to be supporters of fishermen.

There also were protests in other parts of the Pacific coast, expats reported.                  

Not typical for Costa Rican protests, the crowd attacked the expat’s vehicle, smashed windows and struck the occupants, in at least one case with a club.

Bizier said that he and a male companion went to the Liberia hospital by ambulance. He said he was bleeding and had a shoulder injury from being struck. He said he and his companion also had glass embedded in their flesh. He said that police officers witnessed the attack.

Bizier said he made reports to the Judicial Investigating Organization and the U.S. Embassy, but the account could not be confirmed Wednesday night.

“Thank God we are alive because we all thought we had had it and were going to be killed,” he said in his email. carwindow080315

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