Expats here report that country is a good place for family life

The country ranked 20th in a survey of expat family life. The survey comes from InterNations, the expat organization.  The survey drew responses from 41 nations.

Austria is at the top of the Family Life Index, but Finland and Sweden also finished second and third with high marks on the quality, cost, and availability of childcare and education, said the organization.

The overall ranking drew from those categories. Costa Rica was 16th in cost of child care and education, 28th in availability of child care and education, 27th in quality of education and 11th in family well being.

Saudi Arabia finished last behind Brazil.

The survey results can be found HERE!

In an August report, the organization said that once more Ecuador tops the list of the best places to live abroad. More than 14,000 respondents participated in one of the most extensive studies ever conducted to explore the general living situation of expatriates, it said. Costa Rica was in 12th place in that survey.

The Family Life Index did not report findings for countries in which fewer than 30 expats responded.

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