Firms to be paid to hire new workers

The Solís administration announced a plan Monday that would pay companies that hire new employees.

The program is Mi Primer Empleo, and the goal is to put 30,000 persons to work. The program is directed by the Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio, which is working with the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje and the Sistema de Banca para el Desarrollo, which will provide the money.

Employers will get 1.46 million colons or about $2,750 in two payments for hiring individuals 35 and under for a year.

The government goal is to find jobs for women, the disabled, those from lower-income areas and those most affected by unemployment.

Salaries, social security charges, aguinaldos and employee injury insurance would be higher than the amount offered by the government, even if the employee was hired at the most basic minimum salary. But the money would be an incentive to provide training.

Persons who already are enrolled in other government programs to provide job skills would be eligible.

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