Foreign minister asked to reject judge in López trial

If there ever was any doubt that the fix was in at the Leopoldo López trial in Venezuela, a diplomatic reward for one of the judges seems to settle the issue.

Legislative members of the Partido Liberación Nacional Wednesday urged the Solís administration to reject Susana Barreiro Rodríguez as a consul in Costa Rica for the government in Caracas.

López, a popular opposition leader got a 13-year, 9-month sentence last week in a closed trial.

Lawmakers, including Carlos Arguedas, said that the trial was a flagrant violation of  fundamental rights. López was tried for his participation in a 2014 protest against the Nicolás Maduro government.  The verdict and sentence have been roundly criticized in democratic countries.

Arguedas said that the Venezuelan government was going to reward the judge with a position of consul in Chile but that the government there rejected her.

That opened the possibility that she would be posted here, he said.

The members of Liberación in the legislature sent a letter reflecting their sentiments to  Manuel Gonzalez, the foreign minister. The foreign ministry already issued a statement noting the government’s preoccupation with the verdict.arguedas091715

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