Independence eve is celebrated all over the country

No one could miss the fact that Monday evening was the eve of the Día de la Independencia.

Teams of runners criss-crossed the metro area carrying the Antorcha de Independencia. In most cases they were escorted by police or fire trucks with the sirens on full blast.

In Cartago, President Luis Guillermo Solís received the torch that had traveled from Guatemala City where municipal leaders announced independence for Spanish colonies 194 years ago.

The president signed a decree there to promote telecommuting by public employees. He said that the plan would reduce San José traffic by more than 1,000 vehicles a day and save 350,000 liters of motor fuel each year. HERE!

The president also promulgated a national energy plan that is designed to stimulate resident generation of electricity and promote the use of alternative motor fuels, including electricity. HERE!

Most of the nation’s public schools had mini-parades Monday night so students could show off their faroles or street lanterns they had made.

Most students will be involved in larger parades today, including one that begins at 8:30 a.m. in San José. The lanterns are a symbol of Independence.

Earlier in the day the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública had its own independence day ceremony with the aeropuerto091515hoisting of a flag 4.5 meters wide and 8 meters long. That’s 14.76 by 26.25 feet.

Secondary students from the Liceo José María Castro Madriz provided the dance exhibition, and there were speeches, marimba music and food.

At Juan Santamaría the celebration will continue for the rest of the month. The terminal is decked in national colors, and there is dancing and marimba music greeting travelers.

Airport officials said they sought to create an atmosphere that was very Costa Rican.

The decorations consist of multilingual signs and 800 faroles.

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