Law enfrocement agencies sweep areas of San Carlos to reduce crime

More than 50 law enforcement officers descended on low-income areas of San Carlos and checked out  240 persons, 35 vehicles and  66 motorcycles.

The sweep included the Fuerza Púbica, the Judicial Investigating Organization and the Policia de Migración.

Several pineapple operations also received police visits during the Friday sweep. A report said that the officers located 76 Nicaraguans who were in the country illegally and that they were given appointment to change their status to legal.

The places that police visited were  Barrio Chino, la Puñalada, Puerto Escondido, Nuevo Pital, La Trinchera, San Luis and Veracruz Resident have complained of increased criminal activity in San Carlos for the last year.knives093015

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