Miffed police officials take action against video

The Fuerza Pública administration is unhappy with a new YouTube video that accuses officers of abuse of authority. But this is free speech, and there is not much that police officials can do.

But some of the singers in the video are wearing Fuerza Pública uniforms, so the director general of the police agency, Juan José Andrade Morales, said Thursday that a complaint has been filed against the singer.

The video has a number of shots of real police officers in what appear to be news videos.

The video is attributed to Mr. D. Talento Urbano, which may or may not contain some of the individuals who produced a similar humorous video about abusive traffic police officers more than a year ago.

The words are hard to understand, although the phrase abuse of authority can be heard repeatedly in Spanish.

This video seems to be more serious in that the grievances seem to be real rather than exaggerated for humor.

Some of the video participates also are seen with firearms, so Andrade’s office wonders if the individuals have a legal right to carry guns. Viewers cannot tell from the video if the handguns are authentic.

Costa Rica does have a law that prohibits the use of police uniforms and markings, although crooks have been known to obtain some. Robbers disguised as police officers tied up a guard and ransacked a Rohrmoser apartment complex earlier this week.singer090415

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