Ministry plans to install 92 signals at railroad lines

The transport ministry says it has awarded contracts to place warning signals at 91 rail crossings.

The ministry said that 42 signals will go on the rail lines from Pavas to Curridabat and San José to Heredia. That is a $3.3 million job. Some 49 signals are planned for the San José-Cartago route, and that is a $3.6 million contract.

Both contracts have been awarded to  SEMEX, S.A. de CV, said the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes. The firm has 300 days to do the job, once approved by the Contraloría General de la República. There will be some repairing of existing signals, too, the ministry noted.

The valley line from Pavas to Cartago and the route to Heredia have seen plenty of train-vehicle accidents, in part because there are no signals. The ministry finally put in some crossing gates at La Sabana, but motorists frequently evade them.

New crossing signals have been placed at some locations in San José, but the signals are not activated by the approach of a train. They blink red all the time. railsignal092815

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