Officials express satisfaction over massive quake drill

Emergency officials expressed their preliminary satisfaction over the earthquake simulation that took place Thursday morning.

Some 94 major buildings were evacuated, and some 60,000 downtown workers had an hour to mingle in designated safety zones.

Some emergency crews trained for rescues in Parque la Sabana.

The Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias called the simulation an historic event. Banco Nacional said 1,500 persons were evacuated from its main downtown office.

The bank said that in all there were 3,000 employees and customers that participated in the 10 a.m. event.

The 19-story bank headquarters is the tallest structure in the city, the bank said. The simulation090415building did not display any damage after earlier strong earthquakes, it added.

Some evaluators said that the workers involved could have moved faster, but they probably would have had there been a real earthquake.

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