Police find another case where gunpowder and alcohol do not mix

Early Sunday was not even New Year’s but men in two cars in Desamparados were reported to have been driving around firing off guns.

Police at first thought they were dealing with a shootout, but they stopped one vehicle in San Antonio de Desamparados and found two men. The driver was more or less off the charts on the alcohol test. In the vehicle were a shotgun and cartridges.

The second man in the vehicle turned out to be the owner of a security company. He, too, reeked of alcohol, said police.

The shootings had taken place in Guatuso, Patarra de Desamparados.

As Fuerza Pública officers were questioning the two men, a friend drove up in the second car. He was seeking his companions because they stopped following him, said police.
This man was reported to be an employee of a state bank and the owner of the shotgun.

Police confiscated all the weapons based on a directive to relieve those under the influence of their firearms even if they have the legal right to carry them. All of the individuals in the vehicles had proper paperwork, said police.

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