Police find that their arrival is not always a welcomed event

Officials do not like to talk about the fact but there are sections of the metro area where police are not welcomed. They are greeted with gunshots, rocks and other thrown objects.

Such was the case Tuesday night at San Vicente de San Rafael de la Unión, Cartago.

A patrol entered the area because there had been reports of a fight. But officers did not get far. They were greeted with bullets and rocks, said the Fuerza Pública.

As other patrols responded, a car emerged from the area, and police gave chase. The driver eventually was stopped, and a search of his vehicle yielded a kilo of what appeared to be cocaine.

Six other persons were detained for participating in the disturbance.

Cruz Roja ambulance crews face the same problem, and in some cases drivers decline to enter an area where the vehicle might be bombarded with rocks or sacked. There also are sections of Pavas and even San José where police only go in force.detained091715

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