President promotes telecommuting

President Luis Guillermo Solís said that his administration’s plan for telecommuting will stimulate the economy where public employees live.

Rather than traveling to work and expending motor fuel, the employees will remain in their home areas and make purchases there, he said. He singled out Cartago, as a community that would benefit. He signed the decree promoting telecommuting by public workers there Monday night at the independence eve ceremony.

The plan is supposed to save some 350,000 liters of motor fuel and increase the productivity of employees from 15 to 20 percent, said Casa Presidencial in explaining the president’ s decree.

The plan also is supposed to have a beneficial effect on the family life of employees, said Casa Presidencial.

Neither the summary nor the president specified how many employees would be involved, but he said the measure would reduce the traffic flow by 1,100 vehicles a day.

There have been several pilot programs to allow public employees to work at home. The results of those programs have not been well publicized.

The plan also would reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Research reports elsewhere on telecommuting have been generally favorable.

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