Radio operator helps officers locate woman who was on a steep slope

A police radio operator is being credited with keeping a cool head and directing officers to a woman who jumped partly down a cliff to save herself.

The story began about 9:30 a.m. Thursday in the center of Atenas when a man forced the woman to come with him on a motorcycle. The woman said he drove at high speed toward Toro Amarillo where she believed he was going to kill her.

The woman managed to get off the motorcycle in a mountainous area where the man, a former companion, moved to kill her with a sharp instrument, said police.

The woman threw herself down a slope at the top of a 200-meter drop. The would-be assailant fled on the motorcycle only to be picked up in Río Cuarto de Grecia a short time later. But officers did not know the whereabout of the woman.

About then radio operator Mario Rivas got a call from the woman on her cell telephone. She was trapped on the slope. The technician talked the woman through the process of activating a GPS locator device on her cell telephone and dispatched officers.

He remained on the telephone with her and guided officers as the woman reported hearing sirens and in what direction and distance. The woman, who has the last name of Cordero, was reported to be cold, wet and suffering from some bruises.savedwoman092515

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