Regulating agency proposes cuts in the rates charged by taxis

The nation’s price regulating agency is proposing a 30-colon per kilometer dip in taxi fares.

Urban taxis would go from 645 colons for the first kilometer to 615. Additional kilometers would cost 600 colons instead of 625.

The initial kilometer rate for rural taxis would be 615 instead of 645, and subsequent kilometers would cost 565 instead of 625 colons.  600 colons is about $1.13.

The rates would be for all 13,357 taxis in the country. Half of these provide service in the metro areas.

The agency, the Autoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos said it conducted a detailed study of costs after taxi drivers staged protests.

The agency also noted that nearly 9 percent of the taxis are from four to 10 years old.

They will have to be changed out soon.

The computations by the agency are detailed and cover a number of expenses.  Only 14 percent of the total expenses is related to fuel, according to the study.

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