School drug said to be mainly marijuana

Tdrugdog030415he local drug demand is high both for marijuana and crack cocaine. Fuerza Pública officers conducted searches of three schools Tuesday and reported that the predominant drug found was marijuana.

They received assistance from a trained dog.

But in the Alajuela section known as El Infiernillo police stopped a man who carried 883 small packages of crack. This quantity was believed to represent sales for one day.

Police have been concentrating on schools with the canine help. Last week they found that students had hidden marijuana in cardboard tubes that then were inserted into the hollow steel tubular structure of their desks.

The schools visited Tuesday were in Florencia and Aguas Zarcas in San Carlos and in Calle Blancos in Desamparados. Although small pipes for smoking marijuana were the usual paraphernalia located by police, they also found a hookah at one location.

The small marijuana pipes need no conversion to become crack pipes.

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