Security ministry worker faces probe in use of computerized rap sheets

Judicial agents detained a man who works in the central offices of the security ministry on an allegation that he leaked restricted information.

The Poder Judicial confirmed that searches were made at the man’s Desamparados home, at the security ministry and at a security company that is involved in the case.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the 58-year-old man, identified by the last name of Alfaro, had access to a data base. This is the Expediente Criminal Único maintained by the judicial police. The investigating agency said that the man is accused of using the information from the data base in investigations that he was doing for the private security firm.

Within the last year, court workers have restricted access to identifying information connected with criminal cases and, in some cases, civil. Those who make a living providing information about individual backgrounds have complained.

Background information is used to construct a due diligence report for investors, bankers and others. Without access to the criminal records, someone in business would not know about past criminal actions by a potential client, customer or partner.

Those in the information business have accused the Poder Judicial of creating a narrow view of personal privacy. The Poder Judicial maintains actions are consistent with a law.

Alfaro is being accused of using government material for his personal use, just as if he were stealing wheelbarrows. The security ministry said that Alfaro has worked there for 28 years.

This is not the first case of this nature, but it is the first that investigators have gathered enough information for an arrest. Alfaro was interrogated Wednesday by prosecutors.

In other jurisdictions this information is easily available. In fact, some Florida counties put the photo and full identifying information on the Web of those they arrest.

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