Thieves seek out turtle eggs even in Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Turtle egg thieves don’t respect the boundaries of Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. Officers of the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas said they encountered one man at Playa Rey in the park early Sunday and said that he carried a bag with 82 green turtle eggs.  He was traveling on a bicycle.

In addition, the officers said they found a bag that contained 87 more eggs that someone seems to have dropped to avoid detection by officers who were patrolling the area. The two bags of eggs were to be taken to a location in Quepos where they will be given a chance to hatch.

At this time of year, several species of turtles are depositing their eggs on beaches in the country.  Eating turtle eggs has been considered a bounty of the sea for centuries in Costa Rica, but officials try to emphasize that turtles are worth more for tourism than as food.eggtheft090715

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