Traffic lights still a spot for robberies

Motorists, mostly women, continue to be in danger when they drive the Circunvalación in the Hatillo area. The highway has several traffic lights in that section and small traffic jams are frequent.

This is the area of window-breaking robbers who seek out women alone in their vehicle smash the glass and steal whatever is on the passenger seat, usually a purse.

Police parole the area, but the crooks usually take a break when they see officers. Many of the crooks are well under 18.

Even when a window breaker is caught, justice is far from swift. Fuerza Pública officers said they detained a man in Hatillo 6 Monday and found out that he had two warrants outstanding from the flagrancy courts. One was for aggravated robbery and the other was for simple robbery.

The arrest was made at one of those Hatillo traffic lights. The arrest warrants suggest that the 21 year old had been detained twice for breaking windows and trying to take purses. The flagrancy courts are supposed to dispose of cases involving persons caught in the act.  But it appears that the man who was arrested never served a sentence.

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