Tuesday is day to promote alternative transportation

Tuesday is the Día mundial sin carros in Costa Rica, which is called World Carfree Day in English.

Of course motorists with license plates ending in 3 and 4 have a car-free day every Tuesday in San José Centro due to traffic prohibitions.

An organization called the Environmental Transport Association founded the day in 1994, and the idea has received support from the European Union.

Not using a motor vehicle Tuesday is optional, but to show support, hundreds of persons rode bicycles in San José Sunday. Cartago plans a ceremony Tuesday with  Tecnológico de Costa Rica, the municipality and diplomats from the European Union. Some will arrive by train.

Promoters of the day note that about 70  carfreee092115percent of the nation’s 1.3 million vehicles are in the metro area, and these vehicles are responsible for exhaust emissions. Trains produce emissions, too, but officials are seeking funds to electrify the lines.

The event in Cartago will include discussions on urban transportation.

Those who choose not to use a car Tuesday do not necessarily have to ride a bike, although many will. The day promotes all types of alternative transportation, not just bicycles.

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