Two more bodies add to record murder toll

Two more as yet-unidentified individuals have been added to the country’s record list of murder victims.

The two men were found in their underwear and bound hand and feet in a vehicle in Dos Cercas de Desamparados. Each had been dispatched with a bullet to the head.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that neighbors heard shots about 4 a.m. They were followed by a crash. Upon investigating, the neighbors found a car smashed against a metal post in front of a corner store.

The two bodies were inside in the rear seat, said agents.

They said they are hoping that a tattoo on one of the men will lead to his identity and then to the identity of his fellow victim.

The security minister, Gustavo Mata, told legislators last Aug. 27 that 2015 may end with 537 murders due to organized crime organizations operating here. That number would be nearly 19 percent higher than last year when investigators reported  453 murders.

Law enforcement blames the drug trade and wars among distributors for the record number of slayings.  However, a 32-year-old man died at Hospital Calderón Guardia early Sunday, the victim of what appears to have been a dispute. The man suffered three knife wounds in San Vicente de Moravia, said agents.

The man identified by the last name of Brooks became involved in an argument as he was returning home Sunday morning from work. The man with whom he had the discussion in the street appears to have followed him into his garage where the fatal attack took place, said agents.

Security cameras are being checked for clues, said agents.

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